About Me

My name is Yvonne Bissett, and I am a mum of three grown up kids who went though the entrance exam process themselves. So, I fully understand everything you are going through! I have been tutoring in entrance exams for 13 years and lectured at university in English language for 8 years. And, in summer, I mark GCSE papers in English literature. I hold a degree in English with creative writing (first class honours) and a masters degree in scriptwriting.

I hold an enhanced DBS check that is updated yearly and also hold a chaperone's licence issued by Trafford CYPS.

My Mission

Here in Trafford, selective education is free for everyone. But, not everyone will pass the entrance exam to get a place. My mission is to give each child that comes to me the best possible chance to gain one of those places.

Your Commitment

Preparing for the exams is a joint project between me, your child, and you. We all have an input into the time spent learning and practising. Your child will not only have the hour here with me but also approximately 1 to 2 hours of homework as well. Your commitment is to make sure they stay focussed and don't burn themselves out by doing too much at once. 

How it works

I provide your child with workbooks that they work in at home. Once a week, they come to me for an hour to go through the work. Progress is made week by week as they become more confident with the challanges set. After each lesson, I can provide you with feedback on how it went, any problems that have arisen, and advice for extra things you could do at home. This is a tried and well-tested process: it seems simple but really works. I find the children are happy with it since they know exactly what is expected of them each week and can manage their own learning.

Once you have decided on a time to come, I ask that you stick to it as much as possible. I do, however, understand that life can be rather random and am happy to move your time to accommodate unexpected things should they occur.